i Darts X Youth Series (2) 2021

iDarts X Youth Series 2021

Welcome to iDarts X Youth Series (2) 2021! Time to be back in the game! REGISTER NOW.


Date: 4 September 2021 (NEW DATE!)  



Entry Fee:

▪️ Youth Division - $12 per entry 

(Inclusive of 1x Soft Drink)


Full-time student at any Polytechnic, Institute of Technical Education, Junior College, Secondary School or Primary School in Singaporeunder 28 Years Old

▪️ Varsity Division - $12 per entry 

(Inclusive of 1x Soft Drink)


Full-time student at any University in Singapore between under 28 Years Old

Play a game of Count-Up in any iDarts X locations, and get yourself a discount on the entry fee! 

Step 1: Play a game of Count-Up at any iDarts X Outlets

Step 2: Get a staff at the outlet to verify and take a picture of the score

Step 3: Submit the photo of your score along with your registration

*The submitted Count-Up scores will be checked and verified prior the confirmation of the entry registration. By submitting the photo of the Count-Up Score, it doesn't guarantee the discount of the entry fee. 
Players to submit the true information and own Count-Up score to be eligible for this Special Promotion.

Game Format:

Round Robin → Single Knock Out

701 - CRI – CH (Open In/Master Out)

*No Handicap / No Bust Rule

*Top 2 players of each Round Robin will advance to Single Knock Out

*Min 12 players to start

  • Schedule
  • Dress Code

4 September 2021 (Youth Division)

10:00am          Check In

10:30am          Round  Robin Game On

12:00pm          SKO Game On

1:30pm            Prize Presentation

4 September 2021 (Varsity Division)

2:00pm            Check In

2:30pm            Round Robin Game On

4:00pm            SKO  Game On

5:30pm            Prize  Presentation

The schedule above may subject to change**

> Sleeved Shirts

> Bermuda Shorts
> Knee-Length Skirt/ Pants

> Covered Shoes

> Sleeved & Collared Shirts

> Pants

> Covered Shoes

Only civilian attire is allowed. Strictly no school jerseys / darts related event/tournament/league’s jersey.


All participants of iDarts X Youth Series 2021 are eligible to participate in iDarts X Annual Ranking 2021. By the end of the year, Top 16 players will be invited to compete in the Finale to win the Ultimate Champion title. So, it's time to be back in the game and beat that level up!

iDarts X Youth Annual Ranking
2021 YOUTH ANNUAL RANKING As of 13 July 2021, iDarts X Youth Series 2021 PARTICIPATION CRITERIA ** Limited to Youth...