Target JPN Brass Team Pro Haruki Muramatsu #180051
Target JPN Brass Team Pro Haruki Muramatsu #180051

Target JPN Brass Team Pro Haruki Muramatsu #180051

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TARGET "TEAM PRO" Brass Series
A full-fledged brass dart set developed by TARGET for the Japanese market for the first time.
The design of the barrel is based on the original model of each professional player who is active in the world.
Perfect for beginners as it has been redesigned to balance weight, length and diameter.
The included case is TARGET's "Try WALLET", which has not yet been released in Japan, and is easy to carry.
2 sets of flights (6 pieces), 2 sets of shafts (6 pieces), and 2 sets of shaft rings (6 pieces) are also included for spare use, and the set content allows replacement of consumables.

SOFT DARTS PROFESSIONAL TOUR JAPAN Participating player Haruki Muramatsu uses the RISING SUN series brass darts model.
A talented player who has been active since the early days of darts in Japan.
A streamlined barrel that looks beautiful, which is one of the features of RISING SUN.
The cut is at the rear of the barrel, so it is recommended for those who want a consistent grip position.

Material Brass (sapphire blue color coating)
full length 50.0mm
Maximum diameter 9.0mm
Single barrel weight 18g