Target JPN Brass Team Pro Cathy Leung #180061
Target JPN Brass Team Pro Cathy Leung #180061

Target JPN Brass Team Pro Cathy Leung #180061

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TARGET "TEAM PRO" Brass Series
A full-fledged brass dart set developed by TARGET for the Japanese market for the first
The included case is TARGET's "Try WALLET", which has not yet been released in Japan, and is easy to carry. As
spares, there are 2 sets of flights (6 pieces), 2 sets of shafts (6 pieces), and 2 sets of shaft rings (6 pieces).


" CHARIS" used by Cathy Leung, one of the most popular darts players in Hong Kong, has been made into a brass dart model.
Active as a host of a TV program introducing high school sports teams along with athletes. Participating in many competitions as a darts player and being a program host were highly evaluated, and she was selected as a broadcasting team for the Tokyo Olympic relay broadcast in Hong Kong. Active in multiple fields such as being selected.

As a brass dart, it is thin and light in weight, making it a gentle barrel for women.
Because it is thin, it is easy to group and has a role of assisting throwing.

Material Brass (magenta coating)
full length 53.0mm
Maximum diameter 8.0mm
Single barrel weight 16g