11 - 12 January 2020, i Darts Bugis+ and Bugis+ 

This was the first tournament held in a big, public space right in Singapore, at Bugis+ Shopping Mall. This tournament was also the first event using a different game format, Count Up Medley. Unlike the typical 01 game or Cricket game, this game format challenges the player against himself/herself, rather than against an opponent.

Check out what some of the players said about the event!

Player's Comment

"I'm so glad to play at i Darts Bugis+. 

This is the first time I played at the shopping mall and I won Champion, I'm so happy! 

See you in next DARTSLIVE CUP event!" 

 - FB Leung, Hong Kong

"The format is about you playing not just against your opponent 

but the rest of the field. 

So there is no excuse of who beats me. It is a matter of how you can perform so that you can beat the others when you don't even know what their scores are right now, which also means, when you throw the 1st, 2nd, 3rd round, even if you play badly, you cannot give up. Because every score counts."

 - Paul Lim, Singapore  

"We need to be consistently accurate and cannot miss any dart in order 

to get a high score. This is because the ranking is based on total score and 

we need to rank at least 3rd and above to get into the grand finals; 

which will then see a playoff between the 3rd vs 2nd placing and finally against the 1st placing."  

-Royden Lam, Hong Kong  

"I think DARTSLIVE CUP event 

is very good because it's a new format 

game as you're challenging yourself. 

Hope to see you guys in the next DARTSLIVE CUP event." 

 - PW Tan, Singapore  

"Overall, I think this is quite a special event as it is not playing the typical game formats. 

It is using Count-Up Medley. 

It is the first, or you can say a new darts tournament game format and the most interesting part is the Final, which is held at this shopping mall."

 - Hedy Wong, Hong Kong  

It's really a great, fun event. 

Singapore people are great, atmosphere are great, the event was run really well. 

See you next time in DARTSLIVE CUP. Thank You!" 

-Reyn Agcaoili, Hawaii

"相信大家之前会觉得很陌生可是现在因为DARTSLIVE CUP在去年十月已经开始排位赛,在这个周末举办了半决赛,以高分排名来到了总决赛。相信今天大家对COUNT-UP MEDLEY这个游戏形式都不会再陌生。我个人觉得COUNT-UP MEDLEY做为DARTSLIVE CUP的比赛形式很特别。因为从我开始打镖到现在, 我从来没有试过一个比赛是采用《练习式》 的游戏形式来作为比赛的。为了这个比赛,我尝试在这几个月里不断的用COUNT-UP MEDLEY来练习,发现到采用这个游戏模式练习,效果好比采用01-CRI练习来得有效。"

- Edison Phung, Malaysia

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