i Darts Gacha-Pon


A signature Gacha-Pon by i Darts to create

FUN, ENJOYMENT, and EXCITEMENT for everyone!


Gashapon, also called gachapon (ガチャポン), are a variety of vending machine-dispensed capsule toys popular in Japan. "Gashapon" is onomatopoeic from the two sounds "gasha" (or "gacha") for the hand-cranking action of a toy-vending machine, and "pon" for the toy capsule landing in the collection tray. 

We thought hard about how to introduce this popular toy-vending machine to our customers who, like us, love playing Darts

process of making it happen

Back in 2017, when we were cracking our heads hard in coming up with our own signature "Gacha-Pon", we had to contact more than 30 local & overseas suppliers to find out how to design a gacha-pon machine that is "related to Darts. People say "You only know what you see", and who have not seen a DARTSLIVE2 machine ? So, we decided to create one in this familiar shape.

After more than a year of designing, measuring, prototyping, tossing it out and redoing from scratch, we were finally ready with our first version of "i Darts Gacha-pon" machine. We also had to plan and source painstakingly for the various unique prizes that our customers will "scream and shout" excitedly when they win. Our very first version of the i Darts Gacha-pon was finally launched in early 2018, in conjunction with the international darts event in Singapore - DARTSLIVE OPEN 2018 Singapore.


Over the past year, after the first version of iDarts Gacha Pon was launched, we had continued improving the mechanism and visual looks. We brought our improved I Darts Gacha Pon to the SUPER LEAGUE Finals Season 15 and Season 16, and kept improving our range of prizesToday, with thousands of prizes won, we are proud to share with you, our very own signature creation "i Darts Gacha-Pon"

The "i Darts Gacha-pon" experience have changed so much that we can now create our own signature prizes as well as collaborate with other international darts brands such as COSMO Darts, Target Darts, Team ID, Harrows, and many other international, reputable brands.

why is it exciting?

Everyone loves to win prizes, not just any prize, but the BIG PRIZES.

For just a few dollars per try, you can have the chance to win premium darts set, selected darts accessories, special edition items , limited edition items, collector's items, DARTSLIVE OFFICIAL Players's Theme and 

DARTSLIVE 200-S (Worth $328)! 

These 2 years been very challenging to us, creating and developing more and more items wasn't easy. 

We are in the midst working new range of limited item for 2020! SEE YOU in 2020 very soon!