Target Stephen Bunting 80% 18g
Target Stephen Bunting 80% 18g

Target Stephen Bunting 80% 18g

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Steven "The Brett" Banting has emerged like a comet! 

Won the 2012 World Masters, in 2013 the England Open, the Mariflex Open, and the England Masters, winning the BDO World Championship at the end of the year. It has become a world champion and is ranked number one in BDO & WDF's 2013 World Ranking. 

In 2014, he transferred to PDC. 
The UK Open quickly defeated the qualifying and proved that the ability is valid for PDC. 

The winner of the 2013 THE WORLD France tournament, Steven Banting player models familiar in Japan also appeared! 

"The Bullet" SOFT TIP 18g 

Total length: 42.0mm Max Diameter: 6.5mm 
Setting weight: About 18g 

depth 0.05mm, 0.2mm wide pitch "nano (nano)" grip technology is processed throughout the barrel. 

This is about 18g by setting weight. 
It is a retune version which increased the barrel weight.