Harrows Saru King (Takehiro Suzuki) Revolution 95% 

Harrows Saru King (Takehiro Suzuki) Revolution 95% 

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The third installment in Tak's Saru King range sees his symbolic, front-loaded barrel adopt his trademark tri-colour design.

Tak is famous for playing with 3 different colour flights and shafts and he wanted to bring this unique characteristic to his new Revolution darts.

Contoured front cuts and a rear ringed, combination grip create a positive feel to the dart. The striking red, gold and black metallic coating, embedded within these cuts, give the set an eye-catching finish. At Tak's request, the internal centre of gravity is set back 1mm towards the rear.

Weight 19.0g
Max Dia 7.4mm
Length 39mm
Material Tungsten 95%