Target Phil Taylor Power 9Five Euro Gen4 2017

Target Phil Taylor Power 9Five Euro Gen4 2017

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World champion of 16 degrees! 
Super Legend recognized by everyone, Phil "The Power" Taylor! 
Phil Taylor, who recently announced retirement. 
The definitive version of that signature model, GEN-4 (Generation 4) has appeared full! 

Sandblasting using fine particles. 
Unique matte texture created by applying a black coating on it. 
I realized the delicate grip area requested by Phil. 

A form that blends a classic legend model with the latest black design, it creates a beautiful contrast between silver and black, making it a visual that is suitable for closing the final season. 

The trendy Black Corde also comes complete with NEW Diamond Point, NEW Titanium Shaft GEN-4, and a VISION ULTRA GHOST flight with a black design.