Mikuru Suzuki

BDO World Darts Champion 2019 - Mikuru has been playing darts for around 10 years, and is one of the most incredible female talents in the sport. Mikuru was the first Japanese women to compete in the BDO World Championships, and against all odds took the crown after a record-breaking display in the final to become the first ever Asian world champ in steel-tip darts.

"Miracle" Mikuru won 3-0 against top seed and fellow Target pro Lorraine Winstanley, who was only allowed two darts at doubles in the match (both of which she hit) by a relentless display of scoring from her opponent.

Suzuki averaged 90.12 in the match (the highest ever in a ladies' final, and the fifth highest in any ladies' match at The Lakeside), hitting 60% of her doubles, a 148 checkout, and going six darts into the perfect nine-dart leg.

Her debut campaign at the Lakeside saw her beat not only the defending champion Lisa Ashton in the first round and the top seed Lorraine in the final, but also go the entire tournament without dropping a set.

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